Rusty Holzer: Proud to Support Polo for Life Event 2024

Ashley, Emma and Rusty Holzer picutured above enjoying the Polo for Life 2024 event. Thanks to the National Polo Center in Wellington Polo for Life! Gratitude to all the terrific organizers and generous participants. It is always a pleasure and so worthwhile to be a part of this important cause. The event supports PJ Rizvi and Brandon Phillip. So meaningful being part of a special group of caring friends who share their touching stories of their personal connection to families with children who have cancer. 
For more information to donate see here. The wonderful honorary chair was Brandon Philips. The co-charis were Christine Aylardm Rob Greym Rita Reik, and PJ Rizvi. The 9th annual 2024 Polo for Life event was sponsored by Lugano Diamonds.