Rusty Holzer Visiting Artist

Rusty Holzer Welcomes Celebrated Filmmaker Damien Chazelle as the 2023 Baby Jane Holzer Visiting Artist

New York, NY, March 18, 2023 — Rusty Holzer, together with his family, proudly sponsored 2 screenings at Harvard University to honor esteemed filmmaker Damien Chazelle as the revered 2023 Baby Jane Holzer Visiting Artist in film. The event, supported by the Ashley and Rusty Holzer Family Foundation, celebrated Chazelle’s outstanding contributions to cinema, offering an evening steeped in inspiration and cultural enrichment.

Prior to the screenings, Rusty Holzer enjoyed the chance to meet with Damien Chazelle, fostering a meaningful rapport between the two individuals.

Reflecting on the event, Rusty Holzer, son of Jane Holzer, expressed, “The evening was profoundly moving. Witnessing the students’ exposure to the gifted artist during the screenings was remarkable. Providing aspiring talents at Harvard with exposure to such elevated artistic excellence was incredibly fulfilling.”

“The opportunity for students to engage with someone as talented, and gifted as Damien in person was truly exceptional,” remarked Rusty Holzer, emphasizing the event’s significance. The student’s energy was infectious and their excitement was palpable. Damien’s mastery of his craft is a testament to Rob Moss, his advisor and the current Chair of the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University.

Collaboration between the Department of Art, Film, and Visual Studies, the Department of Theatre, Dance, and Media, and the Harvard Film Archives aims to pay homage to exceptional filmmakers like Chazelle, acknowledging the enduring legacy of Baby Jane Holzer and their groundbreaking contributions to cinematic artistry.

Past and future recipients of the Baby Jane Holzer Visiting Artist honor enrich the academic community, presenting riveting showcases of their cinematic masterpieces at Harvard University.

For further details on initiatives supported by the Ashley and Rusty Holzer Family Foundation, visit The screenings celebrating Damien Chazelle’s induction as the 2023 Baby Jane Holzer Visiting Artist underscores Rusty Holzer’s dedication to merging artistic brilliance with educational inspiration at Harvard University.

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