In the heart of Wellington, Florida, there was a remarkable display of talent as Ashley Holzer and her trusted horse Liberty L, claimed victory in the final qualifier of the Buffalo Wild Wings Prix St. Georges Future Challenge.

With grace and precision, Ashley Holzer guided her eight-year-old gelding to an impressive score. Reflecting on their triumph, Ashley shared, “He is just a saint of an animal and a real pet. He’s such a fun, lovely horse and I don’t have a day when I don’t have a great ride on him.”

Rusty Holzer commented: “Ashley , whose horse Liberty just won the Buffalo Wild Wings sponsored competition for a rising star. The event was so fitting based on my wife’s dedication and decades of hard work, bringing along both horses and riders who’ve gone on to master the sport and competing at the Olympic games.”

Rusty Holzer continued: “As I look back on the trajectory of the horse Pop Art, she competed for so many years and I believe her new horse Liberty is poised on a similar path towards success.”

Liberty L, affectionately known as ‘Loco,’ showcased unwavering concentration and enthusiasm, demonstrating exceptional pirouettes and flying changes that left spectators in awe.

Rusty Holzer Ashely Holzer

Ashley Holzer added, “The highlight for me is that he’s not even eight yet and he went in that ring and concentrated.” Beyond the accolades, Ashley Holzer’s bond with Liberty L shines through, a testament to their partnership built on trust and mutual understanding. “Having a horse that wants to play and really enjoys his work is lovely,” she expressed, highlighting their remarkable connection.

Reflecting on their journey, Ashley Holzer expressed gratitude for the invaluable opportunities provided by sponsors like Buffalo Wild Wings and Lövsta. “We really need to take advantage of these great opportunities to give our horses a little bit of confidence,” she emphasized.

As the season progresses to AGDF 12, anticipation mounts for the grand finals and the continued success of Ashley Holzer and Liberty L. With each stride, they redefine excellence in dressage, leaving an indelible mark on the sport. Stay tuned as their journey unfolds, captivating audiences and inspiring equestrians worldwide.

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